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R Sumantri

Born in Indonesia


Born in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia on December 14th 1968, R. Sumantri MS has studied at the prestigious I.S.I. Art Institution of Jogjakarta. However, due to financial problems he was forced to drop out from I.S.I. only one semester later.

A very talented individual, R. Sumantri MS has been winning numerous regional art competitions starting at a very young age, from Kindergarten to be exact. He continues to win regional art competitions throughout Primary School and Secondary School and won the First Prize for Health Poster Competition on 1987, Solo. His talent landed him a job as a Batik Designer at the famous Batik Semar in Solo for 5 years from 1991-1996. In 1994 he won the third Prize at the Women Association Club in Jakarta. In 1997 he won First Prize in Batik Design Competition for all Surakarta, Solo. In 1997 again, he was also picked as Top Ten Finalist for "Solo Caricature Now". His work was nominated as Top Fifty Finalist for "Indonesian President Megawati Best Portrait" in 2004, Indonesia. And his largest work yet, measuring 7m x 4m was displayed at Shahab Gallery in 2008, in commemorating the King of Surakarta, Pakubuwono PB XII.

He specializes in drawing Koi Fish and his works has found homes to collectors from all over Indonesia, up to neighboring Singapore and Malaysia, Argentina and even as far as the U.S. of A and Canada. His specialty in Koi Fish painting has earned him the nickname "King of Koi" and gained him a strong group of disciples. One of his disciple, Muhammad A.K., has even make it to the lime light and selling his Koi paintings like hot cake in Singapore and Taiwan.

Exhibitions - Group

1994 Atrium Festival, Solo
1996 Taman Budaya Surakarta "Gema Seni Indonesia Merdeka", Solo
1998 Taman Budaya Surakarta "Gema Seni Indonesia Merdeka", Solo
1998 Kusuma Sahid Prince Hotel "Budaya Seni Festival", Solo
1999 Sahid Kusuma Raya Hotel, Solo
1999 Quality Hotel, Solo
1999 Gallery Padma, Solo
2000 Sahid Kusuma Raya Hotel "Gema Seni Indonesia Merdeka", Solo
2000 Balai Sidang Senayan (Jakarta)
2000 Gedung Filateli, Jakarta
2001 Gedung Nalendro Ungaran, Semarang
2001 Kusuma Sahid Prince Hotel, Solo
2001 Quality Hotel, Solo
2002 Ambarukmo Hotel (Jogjakarta)
2002 Golf Club, Karawaci
2003 Master A Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
2003 FKBI (Jakarta)
2003 Quality Hotel, Solo
2005 Kusuma Sahid Prince Hotel (Balada Semar), Solo
2005 Commemorating Pakoeboewono XII at Surakarta Palace Museum, Solo
2006 Quality Hotel (Wanita di Mata Pria), Solo
2009 JNM "Blak-Blakan" Jogjakarta
2009 2009 East Javanese Biennale, Surabaya
2010 "Ratu Kidul dan Dunia Mitos Kita" at Balai Soedjatmoko, Solo

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