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Windu Pamor

Born in Indonesia, Banyuwangi, 1971


Windu, without any formal education in art, show his talent at a very young age. He moved to Yogyakarta later where he ventured into the world of art. He joined the oldest art community in east Java where artists interact with each other and exchange their thoughts and feels. In this environment, he perfected further. With great confidence, he ventured into the language of realism and paint coconuts as subject. But he moved on to Balinese culture when he moved to Bali island.

In his painting, he explore the drama of human emotions and interaction between one another. He also captured the purity and innocence of childhood with the curiosity and smile on them. The detail on the sarong wore by them are always the main attraction.

Windu has been actively participating in art exhibitions and well recognized among the locals.


1993 Group exhibition at GNI Genteng, Banyuwangi
1994 Group exhibition at GOS Banjarmasin, South Borneo(Kalimantan)
1995 Group exhibition at Gedung Wanita Banyuwangi
1997 Group exhibition "Gurat Warna Paramuda 97" in Banyuwangi
1998 Exhibition in Vre De Burg - Yogyakarta
1999 Exhibition in Ancol - Jakarta
2000 Group exhibition in Surabaya
2001 National Artist Exhibition at Mozes Misdy Museum & Gallery
2001 Exhibition in World Trade Centre - Jakarta
2001 Exhibition in Mercure Hotel - Jakarta
2001 Exhibition in Ibis Hotel, Mangga Dua - Jakarta
2002 Group exhibition in Banyuwangi
2002 Group exhibition "STO II" in Surabaya
2003 Group exhibition "Dimensi Sanggar Amora" in Surabaya
2004 Exhibition in Ancol - Jakarta
2005 Exhibition in Banyuwangi
2006 Exhibition in Ancol - Jakarta
2007 Exhibition "Multi Culture" in Orasis Gallery - Surabaya
2008 Group exhibition at Balai Pemuda - Surabaya
2009 Exhibition in Banyuwangi
2010 Group exhibition in Filadelvia Gallery - Surabaya

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