Maureen Foo

Born in Singapore


I was born Foo Bong Soo, Maureen.

My father was Hainanese and my mother is Peranakan. They met and fell in love during WWII and they both spoke different languages then - go figure. My father was a chef on a ship so he was hardly at home during my growing up years. Yet, he made time to make babies to ensure that my mother was never alone, seven daughters and one son to be exact.

J-Cent Mu

Born in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


The Malaysian self-taught artist, J-cent Mu, who was a freelance artist for over 20 years, titillates our aesthetic senses with his mixed media artwork. In his previous works which include interior design production, he has used and adapted the skill of producing 2D and 3D relief work widely.

Peter Liew

Born in Malaysia, Perak, 1955


Peter Liew is one of the most established Malaysian artists in recent times. This is mainly because Peter is very much known for his brilliance in mastering the techniques of oil painting since his early beginnings in the art scene. Born in 1955, Peter hails from Perak where he obtained his Diploma in Fine Art through the iconic MIA (Malaysian Institute of Fine Art). Since then, he has been working relentlessly to perfect his skills and artistry where he would eventually take up a lecturing position with MIA from 1981 to 1994.


Born in Thailand, 1962


Niran Charoenpong was born in 1962, and a graduate of Rajabhat Institute Suan Dusit. He has participated in several art exhibitions internationally. His works are unique as he works with both watercolours and oils.

Saenkom Chansrinual

Born in Thailand, Amnat Charoen, 1967


From still life to this latest technics of acrylic painting, Saenkom has lead the art circle to a new dimension.


Born in Indonesia, 1971


Since 1996 till now joining the annually "Harijadi Banyuwangi" painting exhibitions...

I Wayan Suarmadi

Born in Indonesia, 1975


Wayan Suarmadi started painting at a very early age while still in elementary school. Inspired by both of his great grandfather I Wayan Gerudug and his grandfather I Wayan Durus, who were distinguished painters of traditional style. Wayan improve his painting skills by studying for about a year with I Nyoman Daging. He also developed his skills by doing some painting experiment even with the painting material used and also the painting techniques. In 1992 he won second place in a national painting competition in Jakarta presented by the ministry of Tourism, Post and Telecommunications.

Nguyen Quyet Thang

Born in Vietnam, Hai Phong, 1976


Graduated from Hanoi Fine Art Academy in 2001.

Got 2nd ,3rd and Encuraged Prizes in the Red River Delta Exhibition in 2000 ,2003 ,2004.

Particiated in group exhibition in 2001.

Nguyen Minh Son

Born in Vietnam, Hanoi, 1972


Graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University in 2000, Minh Son has since participated in many art exhibitions. His interaction with other artists has affirmed his own style and paint landscape pictures to reveal his feelings.

Tung Yue Nang

Born in Singapore, 1959


Tung Yue Nang, born in Singapore in 1959, is a serious artist who stays focused on his art. He is very much aware of his Chinese roots and makes every attempt to keep in touch with the chinese and local traditions. At the same time, he is eager to learn from the Western modernism and to adapt western art concepts and media to chinese philosophy and the technique of brush painting.

Lee Weng Fatt

Born in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


Weng Fatt started out as a watercolourist and in 1995 decided to try oils and has since mastered the medium and now prefers it. His primary subject which has made him famous and highly sought after are old heritage buildings in various locations around Malaysia, particularly in Melaka, Penang and KL. (Article from

Anurak Namapai

Born in Thailand, 1967


Anurak, a self-taught artist with no former education in arts uses his real life experiences on his painting to depict the life of a farmer. He grows paddy during his spare time which allows him to feel for the farmer the hardwork from the beginning to the joy of the Golden Harvest.

Soontorn Sukkaew

Born in Thailand, 1975


After graduating from Thaivichitsilp Art School, Soontorn began travelling round the country in search of inspiration. The love of nature bring him to the countryside where he found peace and solitude and realized that the vast landscape has more than one can imagine.

Surachet Noisagna


Surachet, graduated from Bangkok Fine Arts Institute, has been painting for many years before he found enlightenment from painting trees.

R Sumantri

Born in Indonesia


Born in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia on December 14th 1968, R. Sumantri MS has studied at the prestigious I.S.I. Art Institution of Jogjakarta. However, due to financial problems he was forced to drop out from I.S.I. only one semester later.


Born in Indonesia, Jakarta, 1951


Mohammed was born in Jakarta on January 1951. He has shown talent since young and won prizes on several children painting competitions.

Windu Pamor

Born in Indonesia, Banyuwangi, 1971


Windu, without any formal education in art, show his talent at a very young age. He moved to Yogyakarta later where he ventured into the world of art. He joined the oldest art community in east Java where artists interact with each other and exchange their thoughts and feels. In this environment, he perfected further. With great confidence, he ventured into the language of realism and paint coconuts as subject. But he moved on to Balinese culture when he moved to Bali island.

Dang Phuong Viet

Born in Vietnam, Hanoi, 1972


Phuong Viet studied in Hanoi Fine Arts and graduated with a high distinction. His works are mainly oil on canvas in the language of modern realism. His favourite theme is lotus and banana flowers. His lotus works are emotional expression of nature while his banana flowers express intuitive synergy of vibrant hues.

Nguyen Thanh Quang

Born in Vietnam, Hanoi, 1969


After graduating from Hanoi Industrial Fine Art University, Nguyen sought solitude in the countryside in search of inspiration to paint.

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