Maureen Foo

Born in Singapore


I was born Foo Bong Soo, Maureen.

My father was Hainanese and my mother is Peranakan. They met and fell in love during WWII and they both spoke different languages then - go figure. My father was a chef on a ship so he was hardly at home during my growing up years. Yet, he made time to make babies to ensure that my mother was never alone, seven daughters and one son to be exact.

Tung Yue Nang

Born in Singapore, 1959


Tung Yue Nang, born in Singapore in 1959, is a serious artist who stays focused on his art. He is very much aware of his Chinese roots and makes every attempt to keep in touch with the chinese and local traditions. At the same time, he is eager to learn from the Western modernism and to adapt western art concepts and media to chinese philosophy and the technique of brush painting.

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