R Sumantri

Born in Indonesia


Born in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia on December 14th 1968, R. Sumantri MS has studied at the prestigious I.S.I. Art Institution of Jogjakarta. However, due to financial problems he was forced to drop out from I.S.I. only one semester later.


Born in Indonesia, Jakarta, 1951


Mohammed was born in Jakarta on January 1951. He has shown talent since young and won prizes on several children painting competitions.

Windu Pamor

Born in Indonesia, Banyuwangi, 1971


Windu, without any formal education in art, show his talent at a very young age. He moved to Yogyakarta later where he ventured into the world of art. He joined the oldest art community in east Java where artists interact with each other and exchange their thoughts and feels. In this environment, he perfected further. With great confidence, he ventured into the language of realism and paint coconuts as subject. But he moved on to Balinese culture when he moved to Bali island.


Born in Indonesia, 1971


Since 1996 till now joining the annually "Harijadi Banyuwangi" painting exhibitions...

I Wayan Suarmadi

Born in Indonesia, 1975


Wayan Suarmadi started painting at a very early age while still in elementary school. Inspired by both of his great grandfather I Wayan Gerudug and his grandfather I Wayan Durus, who were distinguished painters of traditional style. Wayan improve his painting skills by studying for about a year with I Nyoman Daging. He also developed his skills by doing some painting experiment even with the painting material used and also the painting techniques. In 1992 he won second place in a national painting competition in Jakarta presented by the ministry of Tourism, Post and Telecommunications.

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