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Anurak Namapai

Born in Thailand, 1967


Anurak, a self-taught artist with no former education in arts uses his real life experiences on his painting to depict the life of a farmer. He grows paddy during his spare time which allows him to feel for the farmer the hardwork from the beginning to the joy of the Golden Harvest.

Anurak cleverly mixes gold leaf into the painting to create a dazzling texture to the field which then enhances the depth of the painting. The traditional used of gold in the painting expresses his emotions of joy, happiness and fulfillment throughout the journey of hardwork.

Exhibitions - Group

1966 Commemorate Art Exhibition in honour of Her Majesty The Queen
2005 Group Exhibition "Save The Wild"
2006 Group Exhibition in Bangkok
2009 Group Exhibition "Save the Elephants"
2009 Group Exhibition with Silp Sri Group
2010 Group Exhibition with Silp Sri Group

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