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Saenkom Chansrinual

Born in Thailand, Amnat Charoen, 1967


From still life to this latest technics of acrylic painting, Saenkom has lead the art circle to a new dimension.

Using favorite mountain scene as subject, he cleverly overlaid the acrylic paint which create a 3-D effect and hence enhance the depth of his painting. He uses metallic color to instill modernism but tradition subject to move closer to our heart.
There are great imagination in the vast mountain scene where one find peace in this mother nature. The openness and stressless emotion which further enhance the joy by looking at his painting. He strongly believes that peace is the solution to all problems.

Saenkom has also participated in many art exhibitions and received several awards which include the ASEAN Art Exhibition and Phillip Morris Exhibition.

Exhibitions & Awards

1992 3rd prize - Toshiba Art Award
1995 12th Contemporary Art Exhibition
1997 Contemporary Art Exhibition in Commemoration of 55th Anniversary of the Faculty Painting Sculpture and Arts, Silpakorn University at the National Gallery, Bangkok
2000 Announcement of Frame - ASEAN Art Award, Phillip Morris 2000
2003 "Life & Nature" at The Grand Hotel - Bangkok
2004 72nd Anniversary Queen Sirikit Exhibition
2007 The Dusit Thani Hotel - Bangkok

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