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Surachet Noisagna


Surachet, graduated from Bangkok Fine Arts Institute, has been painting for many years before he found enlightenment from painting trees.

He expresses his inner feelings of peace and simplicity by the choice of colors of black, silver or gold and tree signified Life. He believe simplicity can bring happiness and joy to life. One can lead life given the bare minimum and be happy and contented. Added color will bring complications and stress. However, life can be a little more interesting if it is given some glitter at times. Thus the reason for using gold and silver.


  "Freedom in Color" at Meriott Royal Garden
  "Art Gesture" in Meriott Royal Garden
  "Siam in Memories" at Century Park Hotel
  "Four Elements"
  Arts for the King at The Emerald Hotel
  "Passion of Color"
  "Love of Frames" at Mercuri Art and Gallery
  Art Exhibition in Thanyaburi
  Supreme Art for the King at The Emerald Hotel
  "Glorify My King”at River City

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