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Dang Phuong Viet

Born in Vietnam, Hanoi, 1972


Phuong Viet studied in Hanoi Fine Arts and graduated with a high distinction. His works are mainly oil on canvas in the language of modern realism. His favourite theme is lotus and banana flowers. His lotus works are emotional expression of nature while his banana flowers express intuitive synergy of vibrant hues.

Departing from the traditional depictions of lotus as symbols of beauty, resilience and enlightenment, he updates them into a modern team. He uses a seeming cacophony of colors – ranging from acid greens to shocking fuchsias and fire engine red. Even though Dang’s choice of colors is challenging, he manages to combine them in a harmonious medley that is surprisingly pleasing and elates the senses with a jolt of cheer. The bright colors reflect the happiness evoked by the symbolism of the lotus flower. The lotus flower grows resplendantly even in muddy waters and is a reflection to lead life being true and strong to oneself despite adversity.

Dang has participated in many exhibitions and won several prestigious awards, distinctively the ASEAN Fine Arts award in 2001.

Exhibitions - Solo

1988 Exhibition in USA and awarded a prize for painting "Portrait of a H Mong girl"
2000 Awarded prize in Hanoi Fine Arts Exhibition
2001 Exhibition in Young Artist Painting and awarded a prize by Vietnam Fine Art Association
2001 Participated in Asia Pacific Exhibition and awarded a prize for painting "The Return"
2001 Participated in ASEAN Fine Arts and awarded a prize for painting "Ceremony of Denying Predestined Affinity"
2001 Solo exhibition in Hanoi
2002 Participated in Exhibition of Hanoi UNESCO Fine Arts Centre and Awarded a prize by Vietnam Fine Arts Association
2003 Participated in Exhibition "One Square Metre" of the Hanoi Association Of the Young Artists
2004 Participated in Exhibition in Sweden
2005 Exhibition at the Contemporary Art Centre Group exhibition in Budapest, Rumania
2005 Participated in National Fine Art Exhibition
2006 Participated in Exhibition in Vittoriano - Rome Italy

Exhibitions - Group

2007 Group exhibition "Early Summer Lotus" in Hanoi
2008 Group exhibition for the occasion of VESAK in Hanoi

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