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Nguyen Minh Son

Born in Vietnam, Hanoi, 1972


Graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University in 2000, Minh Son has since participated in many art exhibitions. His interaction with other artists has affirmed his own style and paint landscape pictures to reveal his feelings.

To paint is not only just draw what you see but bring them out successfully in the pictures. He expresses his fervid emotion in a splendid palette. With the most favourite theme, Minh Son’s painting has its own beauty. His strong strokes and colours created a charming yet romantic effects. People always find a peaceful immense atmosphere in his painting.

Silence in life give us peace in our soul and we can find this in Nguyen Minh Son’s painting.

Exhibitions - Solo

2004 Solo exhibition in Hilton Hotel - Hanoi
2006 Solo exhibition in USA
2006 Solo exhibition in Singapore
2008 Solo exhibition in Hong Kong
2009 Solo exhibition in Texas, USA
2011 Solo exhibition in Virginia, USA

Exhibitions - Group

1996 Group exhibition in Hanoi
1997 Group exhibition in Hanoi
1998 Group exhibition in Hanoi
1999 Group exhibition in Hanoi
2000 Group exhibition in Hanoi
2001 Group exhibition at Contemporary Art Centre of Hanoi
2002 Group exhibition at Contemporary Art Centre of Hanoi
2002 Group exhibition in Fine Arts College in Hanoi
2003 Group exhibition in London
2005 Group exhibition in Singapore
2007 Group exhibition in UK
2007 Group exhibition in Hong Kong

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