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Artwork Consultants

Impress Galleries was started in 1986 by James and Jessica. As collectors ourselves, we were already highly interested in the world of paintings. It is this passion that led to us sourcing globally for beautiful artworks and talented artists. Our collection subsequently grew and many people came to know of the range of artworks we carried.

Over time, we have we expanded our services to include framing services for all kinds of items. With our acumen for selecting original and unique pieces of arts, many corporations and institutions have engaged our services to source and purchase artworks for their premises. We have supplied artworks to offices and hospitals in Singapore while ensuring our customers satisfaction.

Over time, many of our customers, who are art collectors and enthusiasts too, have become our friends. Furthermore, local artists have come to trust and recommend our expertise. We have never compromise on the quality of our services to all and that is our promise to you. It is with these traits that we look forward to your pleasant experience with us!


Corporate Consultants

A picture speaks a thousand words, and in the case of your office, artwork helps to transport the viewer to a different mental plane. Commonly known as “awe”, art gives people food for thought and stimulates desirable responses. As such, careful planning and installation of artwork can help boost the well being and even productivity of all viewers.

Yet, choosing the right piece of art can be a challenging process. A keen eye for detail, experience in art dealership as well as a comprehension of user behavior are all critical to installing the right art pieces. This is where Impress Galleries, as a premier and experienced wholesale art supplier can assist you.

Fine Art Consultants

Fine art is creativity and an expression of humanity at its finest. Long appreciated for their imaginative, aesthetic and intellectual value, fine art pieces add a touch of grace and wonder to your space. When chosen and placed correctly, fine art can give your space a defining feature for all visitors to enjoy.

Hotel Art Consultants

Hotels offer more than just a place to stay for the night, they give guests a thematic experience that refreshes and excites them. Artwork can be a strong contributor to the overall theme design and guest experience when chosen correctly.

However, the challenge in hotel art placement lies in the number of pieces needed as well as the variety of locations. Each room and hallway’s artwork need to work in sync with each other. This makes the wholesale acquisition of theme related pieces especially difficult.

With Impress Galleries, you will be enjoying the expertise of a highly experienced hotel art consultant who can guide you towards correctly choosing and installing art sets.