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99% UV Acrylic sheet

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Frames are a key component of any artwork installation – for both aesthetic and functional reasons. The right frame helps to augment the experience of viewers while also serving to protect the ever fragile nature of art pieces. For example, a bright engraved frame gives a status of wealth and social status to a piece of artwork. On the other hand, a plain frame creates a minimalistic feel that shrinks behind the brilliance of its housed art.

“If you are going to spend money on art, you must spend money on framing it, protecting it and helping it to be the best version of itself.” Getting the right frame for your art can be a challenging task. You would have to consider the medium of the art, dimensions required for the frame, the physical appearance as well as the material used. An ill fitted frame could diminish or worse still, damage the artwork. This is why we cannot stress enough the importance of investing in getting customized frames made by an experienced frame maker for your artwork.

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With the expertise of Impress Galleries, you can be sure that your artwork will not only be fully protected but will also make your art the star of the room. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our expert framing solutions.

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