Born in 1921 and as Singapore most significant artist, Lim Tze Peng has reminisced and painted Singapore in an intimate manner that shows his reverence for city and its changes. His work is steeped in long and loving memories, a line unbroken for him for almost ten decades. These decades for an art that speaks to memory, love, the spirit and the humanity of a vibrant living place is one of Lim Tze Peng’s singular achievements.

Lim’s vibrant calligraphy is as much based on memory of place as it is about time and poetry of the moment. His line is deeply considered. The volume and drama of Lim’s line reminds one of calligraphy that is carved into the wood of a memorial panel or rock, something that is meant to be there through all the time and tides. What makes one sit up and take notice of Lim’s calligraphic art is its sheer lyrical power on the paper: strong flowing lines burst with immense energy, the energy of a master whose years with brush and ink combine to great confidence of spirit.


2016    Meritorious Service Medal, Singapore

2003     Cultural Medallion, Singapore

1981     National Day Award (PBM), Singapore

1977     Special Prize, Commonwealth Art Exhibition, England


2019     The Spirit of Ink, India

2019     The Centenarian LIM TZE PENG, ION Orchard

2016     Nanyang Treasures, ION Orchard

2014     Nanyang Visionaries, Singapore Art Fair

2013     The Singapore Showcase, The Luxe Art Museum

2012     Nostalgic Memories of Chinatown

2012     My Kampong, My Home , Singapore Management University

2009     Inroads – The Ink Journey of Lim Tze Peng – National Art Museum of China, Beijing

2007     Lim Tze Peng – Singapore River Memory

2003     Tze Peng – Singapore Art Museum

1998     Meeting Places in Fleeting Spaces, Singapore Art Museum

1990     International Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea

1987     Three-Man Art Exhibition, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

1977     Royal Overseas League Art Exhibition, London, UK


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